What the…?

Isn’t it amazing, the amount of spare time some people must have…


I’m a fan of electronica so the mash-up is a concept I dig. Whilst the above video’s fun(ish) and a novelty, aesthetically it doesn’t quite work – but I don’t think that’s the point!

Whilst Jazz is my first love, I am a fan of genre in the arts, and can appreciate good examples of all forms of music. 

There’s scope for jazz-electronica. It’s not that novel an idea, to me it would just be a contemporary Weather Report – contemporary as in continuing their original ideas, not rehashing Jaco licks. In my opinion the opening to this sounds like 90’s Drum and Bass.

My favourite mash-up music at the moment? As a fan of old skool horror  it has to be VHS Head. Just putting it out there.

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