Thou Art Gone From My Gaze…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? However some cool things have happened in the past month or so, for example I met THE Lionel Blair (lovely man, by the way).

The official Southport Weekender site enjoyed my festival review so much they linked it on their own homepage (I’ve never been properly “bigged-up” before!)…

Ethan Iverson has added me to his blogroll on Do The Math. This in particular pleased me no end…

I’ve been performing with a new band – a band so fresh it is yet to be named! All the guys are fantastic musicians and we’ll be recording some more stuff in just over a weeks time. For now here is a clip of us jamming Prince’s Thieves In The Temple, influenced by the Herbie/Brecker version on The New Standard. I think the Cantaloupe Island piano riff works quite well under the sax melody…

Listening wise I’ve been digging Lee Konitz of late. I’ve never really indulged in his work too much before but I can’t seem to get enough at the moment. His style is “out there over standards”, if you get my drift, and I really dig the pure originality of his late soloing style – never too driving, but rather ream after ream of original thought over a steady beat. Note specific rather than lick based. The album that got me in to his recent work was recorded live at the 606 around 2 years ago, titled A Sixty-Year Reunion… How Cool Is That? featuring Peter Ind on bass and Rod Youngs on drums. It’s available on Ind’s Wave label and it contains some great jazz. I’m going to develop my thoughts on Konitz at a later date.

That’s all for now folks 😉


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