Extending The Blog Roll And Other Biz…

Loving the latest post on Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, The pleasures of post-purism: Joe Henderson in the ’70s. It’s a beautiful literary meander on a much maligned album, my kinda’ thing. It’s made me want to get acquainted deeper with a Henderson album I purchased recently, again from the ‘70s, Joe Henderson In Japan. It’s worth forking over the dosh for the inspired extended intro on ‘Round Midnight alone.

I’ve also enjoyed delving into The Uplifting Gormandizer blog, and David Schavone’s passion for discovering new jazz. Great stuff. I have to highlight the moronic response some wanabe hipster shite commented in defence of BBNG (what an awful group); “Jaco has been playing the same stuff for years.” You couldn’t make it up.

Loving the NPR streaming series from Newport, particularly The Bad Plus with Bill Frisell.

All for now.

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