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Ooh er. Ok, it’s been a while, I admit. We’re well into 2014 now and I’m only just updating the ol’ blog, but it’s not been for the want of trying! Work at the 606 was pretty manic in the months leading-up to Christmas (which certainly is not a bad thing!) so extra curricula activities were unfortunately put on hold.

I tend not to talk too much about my role at the club, as I’m conscious of maintaining appropriateness and boundaries, but I feel a post on just some of my activities of late in relation to the 606 would be interesting.

So, I’ve recently been given the Events Manager role, which at its height is simultaneously exciting, interesting, physical, administrative and creative all sprinkled with a pinch of stress. But hey, that is life is it not?!

I particularly enjoy arranging daytime hires for filming and recording. The fascinating people one meets, whilst helping fulfill their incredibly personal projects and artistic visions, can be very demanding yet always aesthetically broadening – especially if you’re asked to be involved!

For 60 Minutes Australia we had 606 Club favorite Charlie Watts down to be interviewed with Charles Wooley (who loved the vibe of the club and promised to return when back in the UK). It was a fun, informative interview to help promote the Rolling Stones Australian leg of their 50th Anniversary tour this year. I have embedded the video below with a cool screen shot of Charlie with the house kit (yes, he is a fan of the Yamaha). Charlie’s interview at the club starts around the 3:35 mark.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 18.54.14

In terms of broadening ones tastes, my favorite shoot of last year was for Sinfini music, where we had world renowned Cellist Steven Isserlis with Britain’s leading classical pianist, Sam Haywood. What a treat that was. Its not often pure contemporary classical music is performed at the club, and speaking to the guys afterwards they felt the reverberations of the box-like space worked well acoustically. The Cello melody is certain sonorous in the video below. The music is Waldesruhe (Silent Woods) from The Bohemian Forest by Antonin Dvorak.

Leading critic and journalist, Norman Lebrecht, who writes the influential Slipped Disc music blog, interviewed Steven afterwards in our members bar.

I wasn’t trying to be ironic when I chose my Charlton shirt that morning; I was just trying to bring a touch of class to proceedings.

P1000947A wonderful young filmmaker, Robin Hudson of Del Vecchio Productions, used the club to film some scenes for his “fucked-up Alice in Wonderland,” neo noir short, AnnA. Speaking to Robin after the shoot I mentioned in passing that I was a musician. This eventually led to me lending my pianistic skills to the soundtrack of the film, with Robin layering the vocals of model/actress/vocalist, Iraina Mancini, on top. The film is below, and there is a nice review of it here.

For some wonderful snaps of the club let me direct you to fashion photographer extraordinaire, Alexandra Leese, who utilized the 606 Club space for an ‘old school, basement club, jazz vibe’ effect. It was a fashion shoot for Carbon Copy magazine and I’ve embedded a couple of my favorite snaps (one of them even makes the ceiling look smart, that’s how good she is!) but do have a look at them all on her site here.

Bar Window, best view in the house, minus the smoking unfortunately.

I think that’s enough for now. There’s plenty more I could go into but that gives a brief overview of the type of daytime hires I orchestrate at the 606. We have a filming coming up, plus a very high profile TV show was filmed here recently which is yet to be broadcast so I can’t officially go into detail with that yet, but do stay tuned.


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